Saturday, November 8, 2008

Words Cant Explain How Much I Love You

Its been 2 months, since we've first met. But I really cant explain why everytime I look at her, its like i've known her since then. Everytime I look at her, I cant help but smile and think, what if I didnt met her?Damn. My life would still be the same as now, but if I havent met her, would I this be happy?would I this contented?or would I this feel so complete?I think not. I still remember those times that we were just hangin out, getting to know each other and those times we were walking on the village streets in the middle of the night. I miss those days, so much. She really makes me happy and I hope she knows how much I really love her. I were to ask how much I love her?hmm, I think my answer would be simple as "dying for you". I want to heal her wounds, those wounds others left behind. They all failed to take good care of her. They broke her heart to pieces. I cant bear think why they can do that to an angel such as her. I did promise her that from now on, the hurting stops. No one can hurt her anymore. I kept on telling her what if she knew me first. She might have been happy. Shame on them, I hope they realize what their missing for letting her go. What can I say, I love her so much. I cant live without her for the reason im addicted to her. For some reason's every flaws and mistakes we commit just fades away. Its like when were together nothing in this world can separate us, i feel like everytime im with her im dreaming. A dream where everything's so solemn, everything's so everlasting. I'm comparing the love and her in this essay. In love definition is a strong affection for another persons arising kinship or personal ties. In love another definition is to feel a lover's passion, devotion, or tenderness. While the definition of "her" is extreme infatuation. Love is all about trusting your partner, and being happy with each other. Again, to make someone happy and in love. They must feel safe and protected. I just want to say I love you so much, kaayo, FOREVER! mwah mwah. I feel so happy with you, and I hope you do also.


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