Tuesday, January 27, 2009


One night during the Kadayawan days here in Davao. Me and some of my newly acquired friends decided go out and have a drink. It was a typical drinking session and we've decided to do it at Torres. I was having a blast, and the tab was on my friend whom decided to treat us. My bestfriend was there along with his "uyab" Mai2x and my childhood friend was also there whom also met her longtime crush Lovelyn namely. The night was young and everybody around us was good company even though we didnt knew them at all. After a few rounds and some serious shots, a girl suddenly arrived. And to tell you she did struck me like a lightning bolt. She was dressed in black and wasnt to tall either. The first thing that came into my mind was, "Partner"?. Then i suddenly felt that i was in shortage of cigarettes which was a contemporary need for me during those times. I asked the others if their had a stick, but none of them had. Then one of my friend said that "kana si charrisse ga yosi na" which meant ("that girl she smokes"). Then she replied "wala ako yosi dito, bili ka dun" which meant(I dont have some, here's some cash go buy a pack". So i said come with me. She looked bedazzled when I said that, It was like she hadnt had any trust at all. LOL. But after a thinking or two she decided to come with me. She was like the girl in my dreams. She looked perfect. I cant explain why I got hit by this angel. I cant deny the fact that she had me gasping for her attention. I was holding my cellphone and my eyes was on her. So I pulled up and had the guts to ask her number. God did answer my prayers and she did gave it to me. I was so happy and I cant hide the smiles the time I got her number. After a while I decided to go but still even in my room I still si her beauty in the darkest corners of it. Im happy I had met her and now were going out for 4 months. to be continued.....I love you mami FOREVER


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