Tuesday, February 24, 2009

^cX^GrlNxtDr* to caxn_gIrLNxtDr

New name, Renewed skills?Not really. Its not really my idea on changing our teams insignia. We just came up with the better and simpler name. To endorse our style of gaming, mainly simplicity and beauty in one. How long since I last posted topics bout DOTA in my blog. I just wanted you guyys to know that Ive been practicing and playing a lot of DOTA lately. This is to cover up boredom and distress and sad to say, to cover up sad LOVE matters. Dota is my place of Zen and peace, and yes I admit I do play when love strikes me hard. But enough about this topic lets focus on dota. Speaking about which another big tournament is coming and is being sponsored by Netopia gaming hub. Me and my team is having some discussions about joining the said tournament but hell, WE NEED SOME PRACTICE!. Sad to say but each of us is starting to wander all by ourselves on DOTA land. And some of my teammates decided to play all by themselves. Not again! The last time I encountered this kind of regime we ended up disbanded. :( But im trying to reunite us again and as ive said the upcoming tournament might be the click we've all been waiting for. Please pray for us. LOL. But seriously I wish my team all the luck. Sayonara

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