Sunday, March 22, 2009

Undconditional Love

While me and my girlfriend was fixing and cleaning out a particular room at their boarding house. I saw a book, it was about dealing with teenagers and some kind of parental guide scheme. So I picked it up and scan through the pages. I landed on a particular page which somewhat struck me. It was about dealing with forces of adolescence and the onset of sexuality. It was quite a sensitive matter to discuss and quite forward to put in a book. The other mentioned force was the mandate that demands that teenagers from childhood and parents. More than anything this two forces shape adolescents. So what know I want you to read is one of the story stated in the book. Which was about kids who were angels before but due to adolescence tured into "MONSTERS"

"Clarrissa was so sweet, she always used to give me these cute little cards with hearts and smiley faces on them. They would say "I love you , Mommy" She was a treasure. She really was. I used to call her "Mommy's Little Treasure". And helpful around the house? She would ask if there's anything she could do. I just dont understand what happened. She's changed. Now she abuses me. She's a monster"

Familiar?Reflect na lang tah ani mga Pipz

source: "Get out of my life" by Anthony E. Wolf, Ph.D.

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