Tuesday, September 30, 2008


I Love her so much!I just realized that everything about her is something I really cant live without. I heard some comments some good and some bad, at first it did messed up my mind for quite a while but after I saw her? it all went down the drain.. :) If loving someone so much and all that loving reached the point where you even love her more than yourself is a crime. Well?Guilty am I? I kept on explaining on how much I love her, but I guess this is the part where you say "words aint enough"!. I kept on telling her friends how much I love her, to the point even they were annoyed.LOL. But thats what I really want them to know. My life revolves around her so much right now. I was really happy that she came, there are some feelings that she brought to me, feelings where I thought I'd never feel again. I did give up on serious love a long time ago, for some reasons I really cant talk about. Until she came...I didnt even regret the time I walked out on my last girlfriend just to see her one time, what can I do?she makes me happy. Even those days that we were just messin around, I cant deny the fact that during those times it was one of the happiest moments with her. She makes me want to go to school everyday, makes we even want to go to church during Sundays. A girl of my dreams perhaps?yes she trully is one of the really, really, really good things that happened to my life. Why is this happening?Is this a sign?Is she the one for me?well if she is then Im so much more happy with what God is planning for me. I cant talk that much when im infront of her, she's like someone I fear, and im not fearing her literaly, I fear that i might not bring good to the conversation or I might say something wrong and end up in disaster. I kept on telling her I think she's one of the few women that might make me cry, and to tell you this im not an emotional type of being.LOL..sometimes?hehe. I just want to say I Love you Charrisse Mae Amborgo and Im proud of you. If nothing else matters?then "your the best one ive ever had"!.MWAH!

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