Monday, September 29, 2008

Love of my Life

What can i say doing much loving is somewhat tiring. But what the hell, if I know who I with and I know who benefits it all?those so called "tired" moments justs vanishes away. I love her so much what can I do?sometimes being alone in my room makes me think about her, ideas comes alive during those wee hours of the night. Questions like "what will I give her on our monthsary?" those kind of questions. I really cant mention it to her actualy, OK..lets just put it this way my mouth are shut during the times were together. "Torpe?" i dont think so. Weak maybe?why not?...I just love her that how matter what I do i cant slip her of my mind. It's just tiring and I really dont know why?Its not that I despise Love, I just wish that Love might evolve into a more cooler, relaxed and all out happy kind of feeling. So not to hide the magical feeling that it gives. Issues I face in this relationship are not that serious thank God. Let me ask you a question? is it hard to forget someone you did love? that questions really rattle's my mind right now. Is it ok for someone you love to bring those feelings up not to make any scene but just to mention it to you and It disturbingly makes you jealous!!!Damn, Love is weird in someway. But what can I do?I LOVE HER SO MUCH!NO REGRETS!NO EXCUSES!NO BUTS!I LOVE HER!HANDS DOWN!

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