Sunday, September 28, 2008

Love of my Life

At first i wasnt really sure about the feeling I felt about her. It was the typical "yes i like you feeling". But as time goes by and each day im spending with her, it came clear to me that we both had same perceptions to the path we were taking. Yes, I honestly feel guilty to the things that i personally did, and guilt that time was just taking me over the edge, It was just unbearable. Emotions were subtle, it was like choosing who's better your mom or your dad?For some this might just be easy to answer but based on actual settings it was quite hard. But one things for sure as each day passes and im with her, I was happy. Each day was like taking one remedy after another until you reach the point where your illness in long gone. Just want to say one thing....I LOVE YOU KILLAWER!

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